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The Feminine Dative in Gaelic

For many, contemporary Scottish Gaelic treats both grammatically masculine and feminine words the same in the dative case. Some maintain the use of slenderization in the feminine dative, and I have researched this topic using a number of source materials. This post reveals the results of my research. Read More…

Grammatical Gender in Gaelic

In this post, I go through all the sources I have, looking for rules, categories, and techniques that could help learners determine the gender of a noun in Scottish Gaelic. Read More…

Beginning Gaelic refresh; 2019 Calendar

Today I refreshed all my Beginning Gaelic handouts and the Beginning Gaelic pages on the website! Also, I created the 2019 Gaelic Calendar, for those who want to practice their months, days, seasons, holidays, and ordinal numbers. There is no excuse not to know them now!

Fluent Forever

Language Articles 1

I'm always collecting articles from the internet connected with Gaelic, language learning, and related topics. Here are a few new ones and some old ones as well. Over time, I hope to create a mini database for my students that they can draw from.

Many times there is anti-Gaelic commentary in the media. Don't forget to play Anti-Gaelic Bingo in those occasions.

I'll just mention that I have a collection on paper.li which is usually auto-generated from sources I like.

(2018) Everyone has an accent (New York Times)
(2018) Behemoth, bully, thief: how the English language is taking over the planet (The Guardian)
(2017) Opinion: The media's attacks on the Welsh language are a product of insecurity and intolerance (nation.cymru)
(2015) Video: What does the world lose when a language dies (PBS NewsHour)
(2015) English is not normal (Aeon)
(2015) Teachers to ditch English and use Gaelic only in six Western Isles schools (The Press and Journal)
(2015) Ag ithe a-muigh ann a Bhancùbhar (The Scotsman)
(2015) How the language you speak changes your view of the world (The Independent)
(2013) In the trenches of a language war (Irish) (The Economist)
(2011) Bretons fight to save language from extinction (CNN)

The return of the blog

I'm restarting a blog to better organize the interesting bits of Gaelic, history, travel, and life than how social media does. Read More…