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Advanced Gaelic

I'm working on putting these handouts online, so check back periodically.

Aonad Fichead 'sa h-Aon

Focus Point: Numbers and Plurals.

Numbers (PDF)
Numbers and Nouns (PDF)
Plurals (PDF)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Dhà

Focus Point: Adjectives and comparisons.


Aonad Fichead 'sa Trì

Focus Point: Using the IS verb for emphasis.

Is Verb - Emphasis

Aonad Fichead 'sa Ceithir

Focus Point: Conditional form of verbs, conjunction IF.

Conditional Forms Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Conditional Form of Regular Verbs (PDF)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Còig

Focus Point: Conditional Form of Irregular Verbs.

Conditional Form of Irregular Verbs (2012) (PDF)
Irregular Verbs in the Conditional (2017) (PDF)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Sia

Focus Point: Conjunctions.

Aonad Fichead 'sa Seachd

Focus Point: Inverted nominal and objects of verbs.

Inverted Nominal

Aonad Fichead 'sa h-Ochd

Focus Point: Perfect Tenses.

Defective Verbs
Perfect Tenses

Aonad Fichead 'sa Naoi

Focus Point: Infinitives


Aonad Fichead 'sa Deich

Focus Point: Passive Voice

The Passive

End of Advanced Gaelic