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Zero To Gaelic

Zero to Gaelic

Below are my handouts (the same as on the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced pages), organized for Slighe nan Gaidheal's Zero to Gaelic program's Gaelic Intensive Days.

Prepositional Pronoun Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Irregular Verb Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Polite Phrases for Class (PDF)
Adult Language Learning Success (PDF)
Pronunciation Guide (2009)(PDF)
Proto-Indo-European Language Tree (PDF)
The Gaelic Alphabet (PDF)
Scottish Gaelic Resources (PDF)

Level 1

Gaelic Intensive Day 1

Bi with pronouns (PDF)
The Simple Sentence (PDF)
Build a Sentence 0 (PDF)
Conversation 1 (PDF)

Gaelic Intensive Day 2

To Have Something (PDF)
Family and Possession (PDF)
Conversation 2 (PDF)

Gaelic Intensive Day 3

Coming Soon

Gaelic Intensive Day 4

Coming Soon

Gaelic Intensive Day 5

Coming Soon

Gaelic Intensive Day 6

Coming Soon

Level 3

Gaelic Intensive Day 13

Còmhradh (PDF)
Future Tense of Regular Verbs (PDF)
Time concepts related to the future tense (PDF)
Numbers (PDF)
Numbers and Nouns (PDF)
Plurals (PDF)

Gaelic Intensive Day 14

Future Tense of Irregular Verbs (Chart) (PDF)
Future Tense of Irregular Verbs (Examples) (PDF)
Relative Form of Verbs (Relative Future)

Gaelic Intensive Day 15

Conditional Forms Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Conditional forms of Regular Verbs, If constructions (PDF)
Conditional forms of Irregular Verbs (2012) (PDF)
Irregular Verbs in the Conditional (2017) (PDF)

Gaelic Intensive Day 16


Gaelic Intensive Day 17

Faod & Feum
Perfect Tenses
Inverted Nominal

Gaelic Intensive Day 18

Defective Verbs
Passive Speech

End of Level 3