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Scottish Gaelic Courses


Below are links to some useful information about learning Scottish Gaelic, as well as links to my Gaelic language course. The archive of my materials is kept for my Patreon subscribers. Here you can find more information on what I offer.

For the 2020-2021 season with Slighe nan Gàidheal's Zero to Gaelic program, I'll be teaching Level 1 (Beginners) online via Zoom.

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Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is available depending on scheduling availability. I can use most Gaelic textbooks that are available, but I prefer to use Ceumannan as it has an extensive set of exercises and audio program. The resources to use Ceumannan are all available online for free, so there is no textbook to buy. Occasionally, the Gaelic Books Council has paper copies of Ceumannan 1 - 4 to buy.

Contact me to arrange an introductory session.

Beginning Conversation Confidence Builder

Summer 2020

This course is designed to help people at the beginning level develop confidence speaking. Based on questions and answers, it makes a good compliment to most courses that focus on reading and writing. We will review any topics that are new or that need brushing up.

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Continuing Education Courses

These courses are offered via Seattle Central College's Continuing Education Program. Registration is through the college. As of 2020, these classes are offered online via Zoom and anyone can register for them.

These courses roughly follow the same order as Slighe nan Gaidheal's Zero to Gaelic program.

Scottish Gaelic 1

Suitable for absolute beginners, this class introduces participants to the language and basic structures and vocabulary.

  • Unit 1: Pronunciation, The verb 'BI', the Simple Sentence
  • Unit 2: Working with names, Possession using AIG
  • Unit 3: Lenition with Adjectives, The verb 'IS'
  • Unit 4: BI with nouns, Definite Article
  • Unit 5: Colors, review
  • Unit 6: Verbal Nouns
  • Unit 7: BI, Past and Future, Numbers, Days of the Week
  • Unit 8: Months and Seasons, Food and Drink
  • Unit 9: Travel and Telling Time
  • Unit 10: Prepositions

This course is usually only offered Fall Quarter.

Scottish Gaelic 2

This intermediate level is suitable for participants who have a good working knowledge of the verb BI (to be) in the past, present, and future tenses.

This class focuses on regular and irregular verbs in the past and future tenses, as well as reviewing the 'IS' verb (the other verb, to be).

  • Unit 11: Regular verbs in the past.
  • Unit 12: Continuation.
  • Unit 13: Irregular verbs in the past.
  • Unit 14: Continuation.
  • Unit 15: The IS verb.
  • Unit 16: The relative form of the verb.
  • Unit 17: Regular verbs in the future.
  • Unit 18: Irregular Verbs in the future.
  • Unit 19: Continuation.
  • Unit 20: The genitive case of nouns.
This course is usually only offered Winter Quarter.

Scottish Gaelic 3

This advanced level course focuses on the conditional form of the verb and advanced concepts and constructions. Participants in this course should have a good working knowledge of regular and irregular verbs in the past, present and future.

  • Unit 21: Numbers and nouns.
  • Unit 22: Adjectives and comparisons.
  • Unit 23: IS Verb for emphasis.
  • Unit 24: Conditional forms of regular verbs.
  • Unit 25: Conditional forms of irregular verbs.
  • Unit 26: Conjunctions and linking.
  • Unit 27: Inverted Nominal I (Basic constructions)
  • Unit 28: Inverted Nominal II (Defective verbs IS, Faod, Feum)
  • Unit 29: Inverted Nominal III (Perfect tenses)
  • Unit 30: Inverted Nominal IV (Infinitives, verbal nouns, objects of verbs)

This course is usually only offered in Spring Quarter
Note: not all units may be offered in each offering of the course due to scheduling.
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Land acknowledgement

I acknowledge that we live on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish People, such as the
Duwamish, whose ancestors resided here since time immemorial and whose descendants are with us today, honoring and bringing to life their ancient heritage.